Tips to Stay Active from Real Women

go red for women, tips to stay active

Watch Go Red For Women’s real women offer their tips to stay active and learn heart-healthy exercises to benefit your heart health.

Keisha Hawes didn’t always know how to workout. “I didn’t grow up watching or seeing people running or exercising,” she said.
Paula Chavez was overweight and seeing the consequences in her health. “I was 220 pounds. I had high cholesterol.” Exercising 30 minutes a day reduces heart disease by 30 to 40 percent and stroke by 25 percent It’s amazing how much physical activity can benefit our hearts. So, what then, as women, prevents us from committing to our hearts to workout more often?
 “I started exercising and it was so frustrating, because I was so heavy, I was so out of shape,” said Paula. Keisha was worried about how others might see her: “I was definitely concerned about ‘how am I going to look?’”
 Eventually, these women got in the groove of working out, and started to enjoy it. “The key is to change small things in your life, so that you get used to it; it’s a part of your lifestyle,” shares Azsha Matthews. 

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