A huge part in a transformation is to be accountable of what you do daily and to keep track so you can always look back and see how far you have come.  This was huge huge huge for me.  Every day I would turn the computer on, or from my phone, and before checking what was going on Facebook or the world, I made sure I checked what my workout was and hit the Start Workout button.  I'll describre the process to you below.  Try this for your next program.  Below I will describe step by step how to do this, it's so quick ans simple but let me tell you IT IS KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS!!! it helped me accomplish my goal of losing 80 lbs! I am absolutely sure it will help you reach your fitness, health and/or weight loss goals. 

Ok ready, let's get started. 

Go to Team Beachbody (click) or and either log in or create your free membership account.

Once you are logged in follow these steps: 
1.My Dashboard, you'll find a list.  Important ones to look for:
2. Progress and Goals: enter your current stats and your goals.  
3. Photos: upload your before/now pictures.  I know it might be hard to swallow today, but believe me, you are going to want to have those before pictures later and you want to go through this exercise now.  If you are at an unhappy place right now, use this as your motivation to make you want to Succeed really bad! 
4. Privacy: You can change the privacy settings of everything you post here so make sure you go to    Privacy Settings and determine how you want it to be displayed (private, public)
5. Programs:  add the program you wish to start (Piyo, 21 day fix, Insanity, TurboFire, etc etc....) and add anything else you will be using during this journey.  Scroll all the way down and click Save
6. Workouts: Scroll all the way to the top, look for Workouts, click the little arrow, select Supergym, then select the second orange bubble that says Add a Full Program Schedule
7. Look for the program  and Click View Schedule 
8. Enter the Date you plan to start and the Time you plan to workout. 
9. Click Auto-Schedule Workouts

Your Supergym should look like this! 

Now you are set.  starting on Day 1 and every single day you will log in and Click Start Workout, a timer will start running and you are off to get your workout done!  You don't have to go crazy figuring out what's next, when is your rest day.  The system will do it for you and let me tell you, when you log in after a few days and you see that calendar full of SuperGym workouts completed, you will not want to give up! 
Its super easy to do, and it's super easy not to do.  You choose your easy! Let us know if you need any help setting this up, email

Now go rock those results!!!! 

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