To my friends without kids (Whatsupmoms)

I just watched this and I had to share it with you because this is so me x3! To my friends mommy, if this is you give me heck yeah!!!

A popular YouTube star, and mother of two, decided to create a video for her childless friends to explain why she sometimes seems flaky.
Elle Walker, who runs the “WhatsUpMoms” YouTube channel, admitted to feeling guilty when her childless friends began complaining about her inability to answer texts, phone calls, and show up to social gatherings.
Instead of giving the same excuse for what seemed like the millionth time, Walker decided to show her friends exactly what goes on in her house when they think she’s simply ignoring them.
The extremely funny video follows Walker as she rushes to clean up after her kids, keep them from hurting each other, and talk to them while she also tries to talk to her adult friends.
She even admits how envious she is of her childless friends’ lives in the video. Her inner monologue includes the lines, “It’s so weird. You could leave here, drive to Vegas, see Britney Spears, or even take a nap.”
While the video was originally created as an apology to Walker’s friends, fellow moms have related to Elle’s words so much that it’s gone viral.
Watch it now!  

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