There is so much going on now that Spring arrived and Summer is around the corner.  We hope you are enjoying some fun, healthy outdoor activities.  
How are you doing with your programs? Do you have killer results yet? Feel free to email us with updates because we love to celebrate your Success. 

We have exciting things happening this month, from Mother’s day to new challenge groups to special discounts on favorite programs, plus a special request regarding PIYO, Chalene Johnson’s new workout program.  

Ok so if you are looking to join one of the Challenge groups starting this month, 21 day Fix, TurboFire, or 30 day Clean Eating, complete the Challenge group application asap. We need to make sure you have everything you need to get started.

We are also very excited to launch a training program, for motivated, entrepreneurial, caring group of people who would like to learn everything about the Beachbody opportunity that will teach members how to get started and generate an extra income while working flexible hours. So if you are sitting there wondering how you could be your own boss, or how you could earn an extra hundred to thousand dollars a month to pay for fun activities for the family or to reduce debt, or maybe even to secure a savings account, reply back and let us know if you are interested in more information.  We are so blessed and thankful for this opportunity and it has helped our family financially in many levels, we want to share this with you so don’t hesitate to ask, we’ll give you all the information you need to make a smart decision if this could be for you!

Now this is awesome news, Paula’s favorite workout program of all times……..TURBO FIRE is on sale!! Yahoooo!!! yeah and P90X3 too  hehehe  Steal!!!

May Challenge Pack Promotions are here to give you the perfect combination of high intensity, fat-burning cardio and abs sculpting workouts.
Check out these results… simply amazing

Ok, now let’s talk PiYo! cannot wait for the release at the end of June,you want a chance at winning a free Piyo Kit? You could be a lucky winner so do me a favor and enter your email here…..                     
it takes two seconds and you could be the lucky winner. You can also watch a preview on that site so you have an idea of what is coming our way! It is amazing amazing! I am now Certified to teach it Live at gyms! Loving it! Did you enter your email yet? Don’t delay it.
And now last but not least, if you have tried Vegan Shakeology and weren;t a fan of the chalky texture, great news!!!  New vegan formulas with a smoother, creamier consistency and improved flavor. Chocolate Vegan now has more cocoa for an intense chocolate flavor and Tropical Strawberry Vegan has succulent guava.
Already a Vegan HD customer? You'll start receiving the new Vegan flavors over the next few weeks depending on your delivery schedule. You'll be able to tell it's the new Vegan formula because there will be a new Vegan flyer included in your shipment.
Ok, that was a lot but we want to make sure you are up to date on everything going on this month.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.  We are here to help you reach your fitness, health and financial goals. Email us at or use the contact form to the right. 

Have a heart healthy day! 

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