Every Mom wants to look good and feel amazing! This is the program that changed my life!
 It all started with this program, it made me fall in love with exercise! It's fun, motivating, it's just like being in a class with Chalene! You feel the energy, the adrenaline and you simply don't want it to end! Worth every penny!

Every mom should try this at home! Believe me, her life will change! And since it's Mother's Day this Sunday, what better reason to give her what she really wants, she wants to look good, feel good, and fit comfortably in her clothes she wants to looks lean and get healthier.

Believe me it works, look at my transformation with 90 day of TurboFire!!
40 pounds in 90 days! it was amazing! 

i AM STARTING A TURBO FIRE SUPPORT CHALLENGE GROUP on May 26th for everyone who wants to learn more about healthy eating, to stay motivated throughout the program, daily motivation and tips to succeed! 
Below you will find an application to join the CHALLENGE GROUP! Complete it if you are interested in getting results! :) 


TurboFire is the intense cardio conditioning program from fitness innovator Chalene Johnson. This 90-day weight loss and body slimming program will help you get that leaner, sexier body you've always wanted, because it burns up to 9x more fat and calories than regular cardio. TurboFire begins with Chalene's Fire Starter Class, which shows you the right form for all TurboFire routines. There are also two low-impact (but intense) workouts to help you get totally up to speed. Chalene keeps you moving all along the way with more than 20 smoking-hot music remixes through all 12 fat-sizzling classes.
So forget the excuses. Forget the gym. Now the hottest fitness classes come to you.
Get two exclusive bonus workouts FREE—Ab Igniter and Greatest HIITs (a $29.95 value)

Exercising at your max in short (less than
1 minute) intervals improves aerobic and
anaerobic energy release and cranks up
your body’s metabolism to burn calories
faster. So you burn more stored body fat
to help you recover from the workout.
This occurs because the intense intervals
fatigue your muscle groups. In turn, your
body works overtime to replenish the
tired muscles with oxygen, creating the
AfterBurn Effect, which can scorch calories
for up to 24 hours after you’ve finished class

The science behind TurboFire is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)—also
known as “Fire Drills”—where you can burn up to 9x more fat and calories
than with traditional cardio. HIIT means working out at your max in up
to 1-minute intervals, followed by a short rest. This is the kind of athletic
training that top athletes do to get in amazing shape, because it ignites the
AfterBurn Effect, where your body continues to burn calories long after your
workout is over. Just 4 minutes of HIIT can be more effective than 30 to 45
minutes on a treadmill or stair-climber. The workouts are tough, but there’s
always a modifier, and Chalene even includes low-impact classes so you can
still get incredible results without jumping


Chalene Johnson's TurboFire includes 12 amazing workouts on 5 DVDs.
Classes range from 10 minutes to 55 minutes. The number in each title designates the class length.
Fire Starter Class
Master the TurboFire moves as Chalene breaks them down for you at a slower pace, so you can be ready for the HIIT classes.
Low HIITs: Low HIIT 20, Low HIIT 25 Classes
Don't let the "low" (as in low-impact) fool you—these high-intensity workouts ignite the AfterBurn Effect to help you keep burning calories.
Fire HIITs: Fire 30, Fire 40, Fire 45, Fire 55 Classes
Actively recover from the HIIT classes while melting the fat away with these longer cardio classes, which include the HIITs you love, created by Chalene.
Extreme HIITS: HIIT 15, HIIT 20, HIIT 25 Classes
Give your max for up to 1-minute intervals during these classes, and you can burn calories for up to 24 hours AFTER your workout's over!
Stretch 10 Class
Increase your flexibility, reduce soreness, and lengthen your hardworking muscles by warming down after your HIIT and Fire classes.
Plus, get these great tools to help you reach your fitness goals:
TurboFire Class Schedule

Follow this daily schedule and you'll get your best results.
Quick Start Guide
Learn how to ignite your TurboFire program—fast.
And 4 FREE gifts to help you succeed:
Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide

Flip through our specially designed Nutrition Guide for easy-to-prep recipes to keep you energized and burning calories.
Abs 10 Class
Get tight, flat abs in no time with this short, efficient core workout.
24/7 Online Support

Sit in on live chats with Chalene, plus get tips, expert advice, and peer support through our helpful online community.
Fire Starter Class Instant Streaming
Don't wait for delivery! Log on and start burning fat in minutes with your first TurboFire workout.
Get a FREE TurboFire tank top
Send in your "before" and "after" pictures and we'll send you a FREE tank top.
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
You have 90 days to try TurboFire for yourself. If you don't get the results you want, simply call Customer Service to return it within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price (less s&h)—no questions asked.
Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.


Amazing right? mom, you can get results like us too!!! 
Join the next Challenge group which includes free coaching throughout the entire program. 

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.

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