Easter Holiday Fit Action Plan

Yes I get it!! There is candy everywhere!! Desserts! Chocolate! Oh my!!!! What am I going to do???? I can't resist Coach!! Well yes you can and in case you are feeling a little weak on the NO TO SWEETS Side.... Here is my action plan! 
Share it if you find it helpful. 

Prepare for it. 

1. Eat a healthy breakfast and have a veggie or Shakeology snack before you head out to the food festivities. 

2. Focus on connecting with your friends, family members, and make new friends. 

3. Mingle away from the food and drinks table!! 

4. Drink water at all times. 

5. Don't take leftover desserts home. Your stomach is not a garbage can! 

6. Have fun and be thankful for your health and strength. 

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Peas out! Lots of blessings, health, love and new beginnings for you and yours! 

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