Protein and Greens Tuna Salad!

Here's a little lunch idea!! I have upped my protein and decreased my PB consumption. That and a few other changes have made a significant improvement in my body!!  I love change! I've said it before, change the plan, not the Goal!!! Don't throw the towel cause changes aren't happening. Change the plan people!! Change the plan!! 

And here it's the recipe for this protein and nutrient packed Tuna Salad.  When you increase protein you must add more greens because of the acidity animal protein creates in your system.  Greens have antioxidants and help alcalinize your blood! Hey, it's St. Patrick's Day! Wear green, drink green, eat green! 

So here I used Greek yogurt and lemon juice for a mayo feel. 

What's in it? 
1 can of Tuna in water 
Jicama, yellow peppers, cilantro and Kale chopped small 
Add 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt plain
Juice of 1 lemon
Sea salt & pepper 
Mix together and done! 
You could also eat it on too of 2 Ezekiel slices of bread

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