How I went from being 220lb unhappy mommy to fit coach and healthadvocate?

Looking back at the last 3 years or so , I've had a lot of fun and rather exciting things happen, of course not all is great and joyful, but for the most part, it has been an awesome journey so far. Check it out:
  • Appeared on Dr Oz with Shaun T creator of Insanity and T25 because of my success with Insanity
  • Selected as one of 2013-2014 National Go Red Women to represent and advocate for women's heart health.
  • Won The Beachbody Challenge $500 prize for submitting my before and after pictures
  • My lifestyle change story has been featured in popular blogs, magazines, newspapers, and events with the purpose of telling my story and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.
  • Been part of dozens of people's successful stories by coaching them and supporting them in their health and fitness journeys.
  • My life dream of becoming a group fitness instructor and teach live classes has become a reality. 
  • I am growing a team of like minded friends who are passionate about making a difference in people's lives.  
  • I am blessed with the opportunity to work from home, better yet, from the convenience on a smart phone, and be present in the every day activities of my kids. No boring commutes, no bosses to respond to, no schedules to abide by. 

I was 220 lbs when I adventured into this "coaching" thing.  I signed up to become a coach, not knowing anything about weight loss or working out, with a husband, step son, small daughter and a newborn, I just wanted to lose weight so bad.  I believed in the promise that if I drank a shake a day and pressed play every day, and followed some eating recommendations, I would see the scale move!
I became a coach not thinking about the money I would be able to make, not even thinking hey let me change some lives. I really had no clue what this coaching meant. I thought it wasn't for me, hello, I was struggling to keep myself healthy.

I took the leap of faith.  After watching videos and reading success stories I convinced the hubby that Shakeology was THE THING!! I had to drink it or I would be overweight forever! So he believed me, lol!  As I was getting ready to hit submit my order, I see there's a possibility of getting Shakeology at a discount... great, time to work my hubby's mind again! so I begged and begged and finally convinced him that becoming a discount coach was the way to go! I had to had Shakeology. 

Just a few months into this weight loss journey, my results were so shocking that some friends started wondering what I was doing and asking questions.....and so it began!

I felt so excited that people once I was shy to talk to, now saw me as a source of inspiration, support and information to change their lives as well.

Becoming a coach has been the best decision I have ever made.

  • I've met amazing people around the country and reconnected with friends I thought I would never see again
  • It gave me and still does, accountability to reach my weight loss goal
  • I'm able to stay home with my kids and be present in their crazy little worlds.
  • I'm able to be my own boss and work as much as I want to. I own my business.
  • I'm able to do things I never thought possible.
  • I've grown so much as a person.
  • Doors have opened.
  • Dream and goals have become a reality and now they are bigger and so reachable!
  • I will be able to get my family debt free very soon
  • We are on our way to securing a better financial stability for our family.

This is just the beginning.  I've been given this mission to make a difference and help people find their inner strength, and I will succeed.  I need your help though!

I need a huge team. A team of people passionate about helping people, willing to work a little harder to help end the trend of obesity in our country, a team of people willing to dream big and provide a better future for their families.  A team of go getters! Do you have what it takes?

Let's make this happen. Would you join me?   Apply below!

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