Are you afraid to lift weights? Most Women are, but guess what...MUSCLE BURNS FAT!

Because Muscle Burns Fat—when you develop lean muscle, you raise your body’s metabolism, so you’ll burn more fat when you’re working out and even when you’re not. 

Like most women out there, I was spending tons of hours a week doing cardio and jumping and punching like there was no tomorrow. I was feeling discouraged working so hard and not seeing my body change it's shape to the lean, fit curves I wanted.  Don't get me wrong, I lost weight, about 60 lbs.  But with that's comes plateauing, loose skin, and of course that leads to discouragement.  I researched and paid closed attention to what others where doing and guess what... I discovered the secret formula.  

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, so in this case more =s less.  Chachin!

And you want to learn something else I learned, if you want to look good in front of the mirror, you need to lift weights.  Since I'm not a Personal Trainer just yet, I had no clue where to begin to make sure everything I did would get me closer to my ideal body shape.  Soooo, I found this..... and you have to give it a try if you want to look good naked! Yup, I said it. If you lok good naked, you don't want to give up, you want to keep eating healthy, and you won't want to miss a workout! 

My magic formula is Chalean Extreme and if you decide to embark on this journey, I have the perfect formula for you! A Challenge Group!  Read below some more details about this amazing program and if you are a tad bit interested in joining my upcoming Challenge Group, fill out the application form and we'll chat about it. 

Ok, so What exactly is Chalean Extreme my friend?  Glad you asked... 

ChaLEAN Extreme® is a body-sculpting program designed to help you lose up to 60 percent of your body fat in just three months, and see visible results every 30 days. It uses resistance training to increase lean muscle mass, which has been proven to burn calories and raise your metabolism. The result is a lean, firm, well-toned physique.

With Chalene Johnson’s Lean Phasing® technique, you advance through 3 phases of training, so even those without experience doing resistance exercise can achieve a lean, hard physique. 

And breakdown sets allow you to push past failure, stimulating more fat-burning lean muscle with every workout.

So what comes in the package??

Before you start, Chalene teaches you the proper form and technique for the resistance moves you'll be doing in the program, whether you're using weights or bands.

  • Burn Basics
  • Band Basics
Phase 1: Burn Start resistance training at your own pace to jump-start your metabolism and break down those extra reserves of fat. In these moderate training workouts, you'll work your upper body then lower body, using the Lean Phasing technique to help you see results every 30 days.
  • Burn Circuit 1
  • Burn Circuit 2
  • Burn Circuit 3
Phase 2: Push Chalene shows you how to push beyond your comfort zone safely, so you build the muscle you need to burn fat. Chalene helps you push yourself, so you get fast results.
  • Push Circuit 1
  • Push Circuit 2
  • Push Circuit 3
Phase 3: Lean Here is where you really melt the fat, with new routines and dynamic moves. This phase is designed to deliver major changes to your body.  
  • Lean Circuit 1
  • Lean Circuit 2
  • Lean Circuit 3
Extreme Cardio During each phase, Chalene ignites your metabolism with intense cardio and strength-training routines, and then rejuvenates and lengthens your muscles with an invigorating flexibility workout.
  • Burn Intervals
  • Burn It Off!
  • Recharge
Core Power Shrink, tighten, and tone your abs with two targeted routines for a rock-hard midsection.
  • Extreme Abs
  • Ab Burner
Support Tools
Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook
Includes workout calendars to show you which workout to do each day and how much resistance to use.
Thigh Toner Band
Adds some extra resistance to your lower-body training.
Body Fat Tester
Measure your body fat at each stage to see how much you lose.
Plus 4 FREE Gifts
  1. Fat-Burning Food Guide: Shows you what to eat in each phase to maximize fat burning.
  2. Extreme Motivation Audio CD: Chalene’s personal message to help you get pumped for your workouts.
  3. Healthy Eats and Kitchen Makeover DVDs:  Chalene shares her personal recipes and nutrition tips to help keep you and your family eating healthfully.
  4. Pro-Grade Resistance Band:  Burn fat and tone muscle faster.
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Chalene's so sure you'll love ChaLEAN Extreme, she's giving you her 90-day money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied for any reason, just call Customer Service to return it within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price, less s&h, but keep the FREE gifts worth $120.
Now that your eyes are opened, let's get started with your transformation! 
Complete the challenge group application and let's get started! I want to learn more about you and get you ready for your transformation!

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