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We spent some time this afternoon at Barnes & Noble and I stood in front of this shelf for a good chunk of time. Just out of curiosity and seeing what's new with this subject that truly fascinates me, I read the covers of all these books. This diet, the other one, another here, a revised version of this other one...... blah blah blah blah.... it brought back memories of so many Decembers at this time where I once again had a New Year's Resolution.... to get healthier and lose weight. 

Over and over, every year... another failed attempt because I was just so overwhelmed with where to start, what to do and who to believe.
I can only imagine the millions of people right now feeling like crap, overwhelmed not knowing where to begin and what to commit to.
Seriously, think about it. Everyone has "the latest diet". 
I was a victim of this trend myself as well... I could probably open my own bookstore with all the diet books I have collected through the years where I struggled to find the magic answer. I am not kidding :/ these are just a few of some I have handy... I have more in boxes in my garage.

Truth is... In my own personal experience, it boils down to 4 pillars. 
Check it out:
1. Eat healthy- eat vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, good carbs and lean protein and in adequate portions. Cut the sugar, chemicals and soda.

2. Exercise daily- walk, run, lift weights, dance, jump rope, go to the gym, a workout video, make love, just do something. Get sweaty, use your body, it was made to move! 

3. Surround yourself with positive, supportive, uplifting people. Remove toxic relationships and negative vibes from your surroundings. 

4. Set small achievable goals and Reward yourself. Yes! Treat yourself every time you achieve something meaningful to you. Nothing wrong with cheering yourself up. Love yourself for who you are and for the amazing person God designed you to be.
You don't need a special diet or a the latest celebrity book. You need to follow those pillars and commit to fight for what you want, not give up again and become the best version of yourself possible. 
You were made to thrive.
Sending lots of love and healthy vibes your way my friend! 

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