I run for them!

Went for a run with the boys of the house. Hubby ran pushing Diego in the stroller, Danny biked and I ran. I am so embarrassed to admit I haven't hit the pavement in a long time! The heat is crazy but wasn't too bad. Lots of stops to help little buddy on his bike. So proud of him. He pushed till the end. 
3 more days of school!!! And then we can do these activities more often. So excited! 6 years ago I wasn't in a fitness condition that would allow me to be running along with my son riding a bike. I was so heavy and tired. The total opposite of the person I am today. 

My kids motivate and inspire me to continue on with this lifestyle and not give up. 

Don't do this for the scale or the mirror. Do it for your health and energy. Do it to enjoy more active moments with your children or future children. Do it to be able to say to yes to life. Do it to be able to live a longer life. 

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