Coconut Oil Pulling

Saturday night, almost 11 pm, actually about 20 minutes before 11 pm and hubby decides to mention about this new thing he read about while looking for ways to treat rescinding gums. So me being the impatient person I am, I said let's do it now. He insisted we started tomorrow, but I always win. So we did it today. :) he is just too cute. 

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Anyway, we grabbed a tablespoon of coconut oil each and in our mouths it went. 

20 minutes later, after a few swishing rounds, we put it out in the garbage. The reason for this is number 1, because you don't want to clog the sink note that we read on a few sites that we should get water with salt to rinse so have that ready on the counter.  We put Himalayan salt in ours and then brush your teeth as usual. 

So far we have noticed very silky lips and teeth feeling sooooo smooth! . 

I'll be back with more updates. Stay tuned. 

In the mean time, check out this other blog post i wrote with the step by step, why I think this is great, it's benefits and my motivation to give this a try. 


 I recommend you also do your part, try it and educate yourself more on it.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.... I invite you to comment in the comments section.  Thank you for follwoing along! 

Stay tuned for more. For now... Time for bed. ❤️

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