What is your body type?

When I discovered this a completely new world opened up for my fitness and the way I felt.

I couldn't understand why if I was doing so much cardio and eating "healthy" I couldn't get it right. For months I tried and wasn't getting the results I wanted. 

I Tried a lot of stuff, lots of different diets and meal plans because I wanted to learn how I could make my body work more efficiently and work at its full capacity. I even went vegan for Christ's sake. For about a year and a half, even through pregnancy, I ate vegan, until I started to feel the difference. I started feeling weak, and constantly nauseous, I felt as if I was on a boat constantly. It was horrible. Initially it just felt so good. I was so energized, the meals where exciting. I mean, having carbs all day long was the bomb. But I could tell my body was accumulating fluff. On the other hand my hubby wasn't and we were eating the same. 

Well I went back to adding animal protein but limited to eggs, then added fish, then chicken, then some Greek yogurt and after much hesitation, some steak here and there. Noblork and no greasy cuts. Not again. They don't sit well w my stomach. Anyway, I noticed a great change again. I feel much better. My body definitely needs more protein and a different type of training, not just cardio which I love. The more cardio and running I do, the fluffier I get. When I take the easy way out and just indulge in too many carbs, I feel fluffier! 
I confirmed my suspicions with this.... 
I recommend you do your own homework on it so you have a better understanding but for the most part, I realized the reason why is because we all have different body types and we all must be present and aware of how our body will work more efficiently for results. 

I definitely feel better and perform better with a paleo type diet. I am leaner, I have more energy, I feel more athletic. With a high carb diet, I feel like dragging, I feel sluggish, I feel tired and my workouts get affected. 

Check out this chart. For example in our case, I am an Endomorph. On the other hand, my husband is an Ectomorph, if you've seen him, you know he is very tall, skinny and this guy will just not gain weight. Lol. He is a fast runner and he is very lean. I have a very hard time losing fat, and I accumulate it very easily. I have to focus more on strength training and building muscle so I can speed up my metabolism. 

If you are wondering why you aren't seeing results, you may want to be clear as to which body type you are and feed and train your body right. 

If like to know if you get an aha moment with this like I did. I tell you.... Big game changer!  

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