Do you feel tired all the time, bloated, fluffy, and maybe even having a hard time getting back on track?  All these months of eating so many comfort foods... it's normal, it happens, but with the change of seasons it is so good to stop and embrace the changes coming up in the weather and the environment by giving our bodies a little break. Together with my team we came up with this awesome idea to run this as a team and help as many people as possible throughout the month of June.
This 3 day program helps in many aspects:
- Jump Start The metabolism
- give the digestive system a break
- break bad habits
- weight loss
- renew and restore your energy levels
- get you back on track
Starting date is Next Monday June 8th and every Monday in the month of June.
If you would like to find out more about it and figure out if this will work for you, please send me a message asap. Group is set up On Facebook....  and we already have a handful of people starting this coming week.
Don't wait until the last minute... This season is full of outings with the kids, vacation days, weddings, parties, beach and pool outings.... we really want to help you look and feel good.
If interested, message me asap! 618fitness@gmail.com

3 day refresh, clean eating, detox

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