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I've been seeing a lot of posts about Small Business Saturday and a thought came to mind.... instead of asking you to purchase anything from me today, I just want to take a moment and thank everyone, from my team, customers, challengers, class participants, mentors and followers. 

I want to personally thank you for your support of my mission to help and inspire people to opt for a healthier lifestyle.  Your support of my business, your attendance to my classes, your recommendations to others, your likes, comments and shares..... you help my family.   Your support of my business and my journey is so much appreciated... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.... what started as a weight loss goal became my calling, my passion and my source of income, so every time you make a purchase, you are helping my family... for that I am very make my heart happy! 

So many of you have decided to invest in yourselves by investing in me, allowing me to be a part of your own journey.... Thank you... I value your trust and your commitment to yourself. It doesn't stop here.. I am not going anywhere... let's make this holiday and the months to come, the healthiest ever! Thank you for choosing me as your Coach! <3 #thankful  #beawesome

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