Ok folks I finally gave it a try because I had some roasted unsalted almonds and my super awesome new Magic Bullet. I love love Almond Butter but it happens to be a a bit more expensive than Peanut Butter.  By the way let me inform you that this process always applies to Peanuts and now you can make your own home made Peanut Butter and even cashew butter! Awesome right?? Ok let's get to work!

I filled the small grinding cup with about 1/2 cup of almonds (didn't have any more but making the trip to Trader Joes for more to restock tomorrow). 

Do not add anything to it other than the almonds. Secure the blender lid and secure the Magic Bullet. Start and let it do its magic, stopping if necessary, cleaning the walls of the cup and restarting the process. Be patient. It takes a few more tries cause it starts getting gooey yummy.  You can also use a regular blender for this. Seriously, how easy is this?? 

You can leave some chunks for a cruchier texture or grind longer to create a more creamier butter. 

http://coachpaulachavez.blogspot.com/2014/10/home-made-almond-butter-so-good.htmlSo easy! So worth it! Try it! What are your thoughts?? Come back and share! And do me a favor, I'm always adding lots of recipes. Subscribe with your email so you can get all my content delivered to your inbox! 

Yes please share this with friends who might be almond butter addicts like me.

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