Seriously, taking the dreaded before pictures feels like a torture!!! I know it, but i'm telling you it is such an essential part of your new journey and I promise you will regret later if you don't.
 You are going to start noticing changes after a couple of weeks and then at 30 days you are going to want to see where you came from and compare the before with the "now". Make sure every 4 weeks you take a new set of pictures.  You will get sooo motivated because it's exciting to see how your body is changing every single month.

I know these feeling very well, I was 220lbs and I wasn't very proud of what I say on my first picture but I can tell you seeing this picture up on my computer screen was the boot in the butt I needed to confirm that I needed to make changes and it kept me motivated through out the journey to continue pushing play, drinking Shakeology every day and eating healthier. I felt embarrassed to share them and of course I didn't show them to anyone but once I started seeing results, I couldn't stop showing them off. :)
before and after pictures
So get over the fear and get it out of the way. Get it done. Watch the short video, get your camera and measuring tape ready and let's do this.

Video: How to take the pictures.

Video: How to take the measurements

Just do it.   Save them in the site in your profile section, which you can set a s private, and forget about them for now.  Work hard these next few weeks and then do it all over again.  Can't wait to see your before and after!!!! You could even win a spot and cash prizes In the Beachbody Challenge so get busy, get moving!

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