You are missing the secret ingredient

You've tried all the diets, all the tricks, all the shakes, read all the books, you've talked in macros, in points, in ketosis in carb cycling, gluten free, carboload, detox, clean, juice, eat this not that.....and what not! And you still can't figure out what is going on that you are not getting results.... I know why... You are missing the secret ingredient.... a VIRTUAL FITNESS FRIEND! A real person just like you, that keeps you motivated and accountable and holds your hand (via facebook secret groups) and shows you that you too can do this and that is there to show you how it is.  

It's hard to lose it yes, but it's harder to keep it on, it's harder have to buy bigger clothes, it's harder to not be able to climb up and down with the kids on the playground, it's harder to get out of breathe going up the stairs with the laundry, it's harder to feel tired all the time, it's harder to feel sick. Are you sick and tired of feeling like this?
Can I show you how I did it and you tell me if you want to try it as well? 
I put my hands on fire that you will feel an energy, a confidence, a happiness and desire to live that you have never experienced before.  Change the plan,not the goal! 
Are you ready to commit to a new you? I will hold your hand! I want you to get the results you've always wanted! 
Complete the Challenge Group application to the right and let's get you started!

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