The Program that changed my life

I am so excited to SHARE something with you! But first let's go back in time and let me tell you why, today, I am excited about what I have to Share with you! 

Let's go back in time, see the picture, take a look at the one on the left, 220lb unhappy ME!  I was that "happy to be mommy for the second time mommy!" See my smile? Exactly no smile, no teeth showing.     I've always been know for my bright smile showing my white teeth.  There is no smile here, no smile because doing this was horrible, definitely a form of torture.  Having to take a before picture felt like the most embarrassing thing in the world, but I'm glad i did it because I didn't really think things were this bad.  Up until this point, end of July 2010, I was embarrassed to go out, embarrassed to wear shorts, ashamed of my physical appearance and the worst part, this had affected my confidence.  Getting dressed was hard, wearing Winter pregnancy clothes in the middle of July in New Jersey was just RIDICULOUS!  I put myself in this bubble and took my family with me.  Invites to BBQs, outings to the beach, afternoons at the park.... not me, all declined! I had nothing to wear and having to go to the mall and try on bigger sized clothes was not acceptable.  
A friend of mine had been doing some workouts, this little thing called Insanity, she had lost weight and I thought, ok, if she can do it, why not me??? So I ran home called husband and told him all about it.  He bought me the Deluxe Package and I couldn't be happier.  UPS truck arrives a few days later, at around 5pm, and i couldn't wait to get started.  See what I'm wearing on that picture? that was my workout outfit.  opened the box, excited to get started, ready to push play, and there comes the Fit Test!! holy crap!!! What a test to my fitness.... FAILED!!! THEN THE "BEFORE" PICTURE!!! Can you see on my face that this was torture? it was one of the worst days of my life!! Looking at that picture enlarged on the computer screen was so embarrassing!!!  but looking back it as also the determining factor to DRIVE ME THROUGH THIS JOURNEY! I didn't want to look like this anymore! Didn't want to feel like this anymore!  I kept pushing play and trying and trying, not seeing much results.  I was doing something but not really enjoying it.  It felt like TORTURE!!! there were tears, doubts, more tears and set backs, but I was committed..... I wanted change so bad but I knew I needed something I actually enjoyed.  That didn't feel like I was being punished by my late night binging and addiction to Coca-Cola. I started looking for another option and I am so glad I did!!!! 
And then my fitness fairy appeared..............YUP!!! There she was!! Punching and Kicking became my JAM!!! I begged my husband for this new program as a Birthday gift and he delivered!!!   I got the package delivered actually a few days before my birthday and i started... It wasn't a Monday!! it was the day after Thanksgiving.  Who starts a diet on a Friday, and not any Friday, Black Friday!! the beginning of the Holidays? was I crazy? maybe, but i was DETERMINED!!                                                                  Fast Forward, 90 days passed and let just tell you how much my life changed!!!! I lost 40 lbs in 90 days!! 90 freaking days.  Quit drinking Coke and I didn't miss any workouts, even with a new baby at home!! I felt on top of the world.
I Succeeded at changing my lifestyle! Not only did I lose weight, but I become this happy to exist Woman.  I lost the fear to go out and be judged, I lost the muffin top, I lost the double chin, I could wear clothes that had been sitting in my closet for years waiting for this day! I felt so accomplished and today, after losing a total of 80lbs, including having a 3rd pregnancy along this journey, I feel at the healthiest, fittest, happiest level possible!!! 
Let me share with you, for the first time, my entire transformation in pictures, one by one, program after program, I documented it, because it kept me going.  I hope now it also INSPIRES YOU, MOTIVATES YOU and also shows you that I wasn't born fit, I didn't just wake up one day leaner, fitter and loving Insanity  Kale! It was a step by step, day by day journey.  It still is.  I don't consider myself perfect.  I think of it as a daily lifestyle that I never again want to give up!
this was torture for sure. 

A few months later, because I had a new iphone, my daughter said, mommy, show me your muscles, let me take a picture.  When she showed me this picture, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I had been in such denial that when I looked at the mirror, I wasn't really looking, so I wasn't seeing the changes in my body, until I saw this picture, and ran to the computer to look for the stupid BEFORE picture! I couldn't believe my eyes! Yes, I had a long way to go, but to me this was change! This was motivation to keep going because my efforts, my sweat, the 5am wake ups, Shakeology, it was all working!!! I finished TurboFire and from this point on a flame sparked in my heart! I wanted more!!! 

 I FELT HAPPIER THAN EVER BEFORE! I felt strong, empowered, inspired, committed, 
I felt like SUPERMOM!!! 

AND THEN CAME DIEGO! Pregnant!!! not again!!! after losing 70 lbs I was shocked! I couldn't accept it! I thought my hard work and fitness would go out the window and would never get it again! that lasted about two weeks, I wiped the tears, read books and with my doctor's approval, I kept doing what I was doing, drinking a daily shakeology, eating healthy, working out, and actually completed 90 days of TurboFire the third trimester, just before he was born! I gained about 27-28 lbs.  Boom! I felt so accomplished again! He was almost 9 lbs oh yes!

Anxiouly waiting for the 6 weeks ok from doctor!!  I felt so good about myself 
and my healthy baby,
 I didn't fear the selfie! ha! 

                          Back to the grind we go! Operation get my Fitness back begins again!

 and all this journey has brought me to this!!! How could I not want this for you!!  I want to help you change your life, help you discover an inner strength that you haven't discovered yet.  WHY NOT?  It won't change who you are but it will help you discover an enhanced version of yourself.  You'll become stronger, healthier, livelier!

I feel the need to share this with you!! May is a new month full of new opportunities, and if you happen to be at that place where I was, 4 years ago, where i felt hopeless, tired, embarrassed, unhappy, and uncomfortable with myself, I want you to stop there and know that there is HOPE!!! This is not how your story ends.  Amazing things have happened in my life just because I made that decision to make my health a priority.  It is not fair to yourself or to those you love that you give up on yourself and not give yourself a chance to DISCOVER THAT PERSON YOU ARE MEANT TO BE! You life will change. And it starts with the decision to make the change and take action.  

                                             Check out some other before and after pictures,
 the stories are real, the people are        real, the results are real.  
We made the investment, we got the necessary tools, we asked for support, we pushed play, 
we showed up, we followed the plan, we had fun with it and we conquered!!! THIS CAN BE YOU!! 

JOIN OUR NEXT TURBOFIRE CHALLENGE GROUP!!! There is no better time that now to do this if you are looking for a change.  If you woke up today feeling low on energy, dreading the warm weather because it means it's time to put away the jacket, then you need to fill out the Turbo Fire Challenge Group Application below and get in the


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