As your Team Beachbody Coach I really like to touch base with you to make sure you that you are up to date with any news, tips and ways to help you.

Today is an exciting day!  Some of you may already know but I’ve decided to take everyone who wishes to join on an adventure… what I mean by that is I have a plan to take everyone who joins on a ride… We are GOING BACK TO BASICS!! This was the first program for many of you perhaps.. And maybe you haven’t stayed consistent, so in an effort to help as many people as I can this last quarter of the month, I will be starting a new group.  Brand new group exclusive for THE 21 DAY FIX… then we will move on to 21 DAY FIX EXTREME and then HAMMER & CHISEL!

Of course you are more than welcome to join…
back to basics.jpg

I am hosting this exclusive group to help support and guide you in getting on the path of proper nutrition and regular exercise.  It truly does take 21 days to create a new habit and it wasn't until I had a community of support with other people like me that I started to see lasting changes.  I needed someone to keep me on track when I wanted to check out and eat a box of donuts.  I needed someone to boost my ego when I felt like my body wasn't changing fast enough, and I needed someone to check over my weekly meal plan to make sure I was eating the right foods.  That is exactly what you will get from ME in my group!

So if you are considering being part of this group, contact me today for the details.
Here is the application to complete for the group.

Here is my insider tip.  If you don’t have BEACHBODY ON DEMAND and/ or have been wanting to try SHAKEOLOGY now is the time!  The ALL ACCESS ON DEMAND CHALLENGE PACK is $160 for a limited time and that includes a year of access to BOD where you will have ALL BEACHBODY PROGRAMS, older and new releases at no extra cost, no monthly fee either, a 30 day supply of Shakeology, nutrition guide, program manual, a set of portion control containers, free shipping and a discounted price. For what you would typically pay for in shakeology you get the entire library of workout programs for a year!! It’s a steal!!! Right?? I think it’s a sweet deal!

If you are considering joining my team as a coach, now is the time to do it! Anyone who purchases a challenge pack gets their $40 coach sign up fee waived!  There are no strings attached and you can cancel at anytime!  It's worth the 25% savings each month on your Shakeology and all future purchases! And with the results you are going to get, friends and family will start asking what you’ve been up to and likely will want to join you!!!




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