Change happens from the inside out

This picture to the left showed up on my Fb memories.  Early 30s and one child vs almost 40 and 3 babies.
What a great reminder..... my life has completely changed, from the inside out thanks to Beachbody. This is why I chose to become an active Coach. at first it was just so I could get Shakeology at a discount but then as I continued to see the pounds going away and I started feeling more confident and embracing who I was, I realized I needed to bless other people with it. 

Guys, I am by no means an expert and I don't want you to think I have this all figured out! All I know is paying it forward and helping others has been the biggest blessing in my transformation. And it's happened mostly on the inside. The mind, the heart, the self love. 

I missed out on a lot of experiences growing up because of self doubt. I feared being made fun of, I feared being last, feared getting hurt or taken advantage of. It wasn't until I found Beachbody and everything that has come with it that I found myself. 

So today I'm celebrating  Progress Friday.... progress on the inside that shows on the outside. The looks, the scale, the skin, the muscles.... it's all secondary. My priority is what is happening on the inside. What is happening inside your heart, mind and soul. I have a vision of my team and my clients becoming the life changers. The people who change their lives when they join this community and in the process they influence others.... I believe in the ripple effect.... 

Keep working hard! You never know who you are inspiring! I Love you guys.

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